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Feel confident about the market value of your equipment. Our experienced appraisal team has worked with thousands of surplus CNC and conventional machines over the last 20 years. Using a wide collaboration of reliable resources, including historical sales data, real-time industry tools, market trends, and a large community of equipment buyers and sellers, we will provide a reliable appraisal for the market value of your surplus machinery. We take into consideration all factors, including the age of machine, make, model, brand, control, accessories, tooling, run-time hours, materials cut, wear and tear, facility, maintenance and reports, completed upgrades, as well as how quickly a machine needs to be moved from a facility.

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We Know Machines

We know machines, and we know the equipment market, specifically what end users are looking for and willing to pay. We offer a fair market price to achieve optimum price performance through both auction transactions or conventional sales.

Machine Tool Bids has completed thousands of equipment appraisals for clients across a multitude of industries all over the world. Our clients range in size from local machine shops to Fortune 500 multinationals, and work in diverse industries including aerospace, appliances, automotive, aviation, defense, energy, industrial, medical/surgical, oil and gas, and transportation.

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