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When you bring your used CNC machines to sell on, your equipment gets immediate access to targeted, specialized buyers in manufacturing. Whether you have one used CNC machine or an entire facility for sale, Machine Tool Bids delivers speedy inventory turnover and quick payment. No listing fees, no promotional expenses, and virtually no risk. We make the process easy - we handle the details so you don't need to spend time away from production.

Our true business-to-business approach cuts out unnecessary costs, saves time, and optimizes the price performance of your surplus equipment. Through a full-service sales and marketing approach, we identify and target the right end users, getting your equipment premium and unique exposure to the right buyers.

Machine Tool Bids offers options for direct cash purchases or brokerage, which are further enhanced by our true auction advantage:

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True Auction Advantage

Our auctions are a prime opportunity for sellers who are time-sensitive, want to attract the most potential buyers, and don't want to haggle. Our state-of-the-art online auction platform puts your surplus machinery in front of global buyers, everywhere from Tampa to Tokyo. We list your used machinery at a starting bid that optimizes price performance, where buyers compete with each other, and all bids are binding so there's no last minute haggling or stalled negotiations.

Because we are an industry-specific site, your dedicated online listing page doesn't have to compete with ads for farm implements or estate sales. You can be assured that your equipment is being viewed by end users specifically in need of metalworking and fabricating equipment.

When you are ready to auction your machine, a Machine Tool Bids machinery consultant who is familiar with the market will work with you to establish your selling price. From there, we will set a reserve - the lowest price the machine can sell for at auction, ensuring your asking price is achieved when a bidder wins. You will have the comfort of knowing your bottom line will be met before the auction even starts, and you won't have to accept lower bids.

We will handle all the technical aspects of the online auction, from creating a web page for your machine, to full-scale advertising and marketing, to handling customer inquiries. If the sale is successful, we will take care of the paperwork, payment, title transfer, rigging and freight, too.


Under a brokerage agreement, you give Machine Tool Bids exclusive rights to advertise and sell your machinery for a fixed length of time. When your machine sells, you receive full payment prior to arranging for the machine to leave your facility. And if we have not sold the machine when the agreement expires, you owe nothing.

Cash Purchase

Sometimes you are eager for the next auction. Other times you just need cash - now. For sellers who elect cash purchase, MMI will make an offer at a fair market price to help move your surplus machinery quickly. Our global network of buyers and sellers allows us to facilitate worldwide sales with confidence, from single machines to entire plants

Let us know about your equipment for sale, and we will work with you on the best option for your current situation.

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