MTB Mission

Machine Tool Bids was created for the metalworking manufacturing industry, specifically to sell machines directly business to business at the best price possible.

Having a centralized focus in one industry has made MTB a leader in this space, cutting out the middleman allowing the buyer/seller to save time and money. 

All our data is derived and farmed for this purpose. The marketing is targeted to metalworking manufacturing, each employee is hired and trained to be experts which adds to our extensive experience within this area, enabling MTBs proficiency and ability to excel in providing top notch service to our customers.

MTB Goal

Machine Tool Bids goal is to supply pre-owned machines, machine tools and fabrication equipment at a good price, whether you’re selling machinery, purchasing in auction or conventional sale. Everything we procure and list is in good working condition, unless explicitly noted otherwise, with this transparency MTB wants you to be confident in your point and click purchase, wherever you are in the world.

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