See below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding Purchasing, Registration/Participation, Billing/Payment, Logistics and Security.

How can I search for machines that Machine Tool Bids has for sale that are not currently in auction?

You can easily search for any machines we have for sale in the search bar on the home page. While we host multiple auctions on Machine Tool Bids, we also host a variety of non-auction sales, including Private Negotiated Sales and Buy Nowsales at deeply discounted prices.

How can I guarantee that a machine is in good working condition?

Machine Tool Bids only accepts machines that are in good working condition for resale, unless expressly noted in the listing. While machines are sold “as is where is,” each machine sold by Machine Tool Bids requires a condition report and any service records to ensure it is in good working condition and to advise of any possible defects, retrofits or updates. Machines that are labeled with a “Start Up Guarantee” (see below) carry a warranty. Machines that are labeled as “Fully Functional” indicate that the machine is in good working order with no defects. All specs, photos and video (where applicable) are posted with each listing to ensure a transparent view of each machine.
If you are interested in a machine, but do not see the “Start Up Guarantee” and/or “Fully Functional” label included in its listing, please contact Machine Tool Bids at (312) 604-1850 or for details.

How can I schedule an inspection?

To schedule an inspection, please contact your account manager, who will work with you and the seller to set up the inspection. If you have not yet worked with an account manager, please contact (312) 604-1850 or email to be connected with the appropriate account manager that is working with the machine you are interested in viewing.

What does a “Start-Up Guarantee” mean?

A “Start-Up Guarantee” means that the machine carries a warranty and is being represented as fully functional upon delivery and initial start-up. If the machine is not in good working order or proven mechanically unsatisfactory upon initial start-up, the machine may be returned, freight prepaid, for refund of the purchase price or repair at Machine Tool Bids option. The buyer must notify Machine Tool Bids within 10 days of shipment if the machine is not in good working order or is mechanically unsatisfactory.

What does “Fully Functional” mean?

Machines that are labeled as “Fully Functional” indicate that the machine is in good working order but does not carry a warranty.

Does Machine Tool Bids accept trade-ins?

Machine Tool Bids does accept machinery trade-ins. If you are looking to purchase a machine through Machine Tool Bids, and are also looking to sell any of your surplus machines, please contact us to discuss a trade-in deal. View additional details about trade-ins.

How can I learn about upcoming auctions?

Machine Tool Bids sends out a weekly newsletter that features machines available in auction as well as any updates about new machines. To receive alerts of upcoming auction dates and new inventory, sign up for the Machine Tool Bids newsletter

How can I receive a quote on a machine?

To receive a quote on a specific machine, please contact your account manager or contact us at (312) 604-1850 or by email at Additionally, you can view any machine listing on and request a quote directly from the listing page.


How do I register for an online auction?

You can register for an online auction at This will allow you to ask questions about the machines, place bids, make offers and receive timely communications regarding the machinery you are interested in.

What is the fee to participate in an online auction?

There are NO fees involved to participate in an online auction. Additionally, NO fees are involved to register on

Do I need to register for each auction separately?

You only need to register once to participate in all auctions. Once you register at, you will have access to participate in each auction. If you have any issues with registration or participation in any auctions, please contact Machine Tool Bids at or (312) 604-1850.

How do I place a bid?

Once you register, log in to, by clicking on “Sign In” at the upper right corner of your screen. Next, find the machine you want to bid on. You can search for machines by typing in a type, make, model or location at the top of the home page screen. Additionally, you can click on an auction on the home page or Upcoming Auctions page, then scroll through the list of machines to view all that are available for that particular auction. Please note that you must be registered and signed in to place a bid.

How much am I required to bid?

You can place a bid in $100 increments, starting at the current dollar amount in red (“Reserve Not Met”). You can place either manual bids or set an automatic maximum bid price. However, the reserve price must be met before the machine is available for sale. You will know if the minimum sales price is met when you see “Reserve Met” in green.

What is the difference between placing a “bid” and making an “offer”?

Once you are signed into, and you click on a specific machine, you will arrive at the listing page for that particular machine. On the listing page, you will see two options near the top of the page to either “Place My Bid Now!” or “Make Offer!”
Placing a bid will allow you to participate in the online auction, where you can select your maximum bid amount and receive alerts about any items you are bidding on. Your bid must meet the minimum bid displayed on the screen. Machine Tool Bids will bid incrementally for you up to your maximum bid. Your maximum bid is not visible to other users. Please note that your bid is a contract between you and the item seller. If you win the auction, you will enter into a legally binding contract.
Making an offer will allow you to submit your best offer to Machine Tool Bids for the purchase of that machine. Machine Tool Bids will contact you to confirm your offer and discuss terms related to your offer that can be presented to the seller.

Can I retract a bid or offer?

Requests for bid retraction can be submitted by emailing or by calling 312-226-4150 and speaking with Victoria directly.

How do I know my bid has been placed correctly?

Once you enter a bid, you are taken to a “Confirm Your Bid” page. You have the option to accept or cancel your bid. If you accept the bid, you also will receive an email confirmation of your bid.

How do I know if I am the winning bidder?

As soon as the auction ends, you will receive an email notifying you that you are the winning bidder.

If I bid on a machine, but it does not sell and the reserve is not met, is there an opportunity to still purchase that machine?

If you place a bid, but do not meet the minimum reserve price, and the machine did not sell in auction, you may still have an opportunity to purchase the machine once the auction has ended. The highest bidder typically has first opportunity to purchase the machine once the auction has ended. Please contact (312) 604-1850 as soon as possible to make an offer on any machine(s) not sold in auction.

How do I know if someone has outbid me?

If you place a bid, and someone places a higher bid, you will be notified by email immediately that you have been outbid. If you have been outbid on the day of the auction, and the end bidding time is coming to a close, additional time will be added to bid on that particular machine. This allows time for all bidders to make a decision and place a higher bid if desired.

What does “Reserve Met” mean?

“Reserve Met” means that a machine’s minimum sale price has been reached, indicating that the machine will sell. When a reserve is met, the machine is still eligible for bids and offers, so your next bid or offer could make you the winning buyer!

What does “Reserve Not Met” mean?

“Reserve Not Met” means that a machine’s minimum sale price has not been reached, indicating that the machine may or may not sell. When a reserve is not met, the machine is still eligible for bids and offers, but it is not guaranteed to sell. Just keep in mind that your next bid or offer could make you the winning buyer.

Why are minimum reserve prices not displayed?

Reserve prices are typically not displayed to provide all interested buyers a fair platform and opportunities to place top bids and make offers that match their needs. The bidding process ensures that machines are available at great deals at fair market values, while allowing for competition among serious bidders.

Why are some reserve prices displayed?

At times, Machine Tool Bids will display reserve prices (i.e., no blind reserve) to further promote a machine in the auction.

What does it mean when I see a machine marked as "SOLD" but it is still listed in auction?

When a machine is marked as "SOLD" it means the machine has already been sold prior to the auction end date. The machine is no longer available for purchase. Machine Tool Bids keeps the listing "active" and viewable to show the machine’s status in the case that a potential buyer has been watching the machine or has linked to the machine’s listing through the Machine Tool Bids newsletter or an industry source.

What does "+15% Buyers Premium" mean?

The 15% Buyer’s Premium is a fee added to the final purchase price of the machine, charged to the buyer. This fee covers costs incurred by Machine Tool Bids for each machine transaction, including marketing, advertising and administrative costs.

Who can I contact regarding Registration and Participation and related questions?

Please contact Machine Tool Bids Director of Operations Victoria Budziszewski at or (312) 604-1850.


How do I pay for my item?

Upon sale of a machine, Machine Tool Bids will send an invoice to the buyer; and upon receipt of payment, Machine Tool Bids will send a purchase order to the seller.

How soon do I need to pay for my machine once purchased?

Payment from the buyer is required within 5 business days of the auction end date or within 5 business days of the contracted sale, whichever comes first.

What forms of payment does Machine Tool Bids accept?

Wire transfer is the preferred method of payment. For alternative payment options please contact accounting manager, Mary Akhavan at or 312-226-4150.

Does Machine Tool Bids offer financing options?

Machine Tool Bids offers flexible financing options. Please visit this link to inquire about which financing options are available for you.

What are the terms of payment?

Full payment is due within 5 business days; machines are sold “as is, where is” unless otherwise noted.

Who can I contact regarding payments and account services?

Please contact Machine Tool Bids Accounting and Logistics Manager Mary Akhavan at or (312) 604-1850.


Does Machine Tool Bids offer logistics services?

Machine Tool Bids has a full-service logistics department that can coordinate all rigging, freight, invoicing, paperwork and payments associated with each sale, making each machinery transaction seamless and hassle-free for you.

How will my machine be shipped to me?

Once payment is received, Machine Tool Bids will contact you to set up transport of your machine to the facility or port you specify. You have the option of requesting that Machine Tool Bids use a specific freight company, or Machine Tool Bids can select one for your machine at the best negotiated rate, based on our high volume of freight services.

How soon can I expect my machine to be delivered to me?

Once payment is received in full, Machine Tool Bids will contact both the buyer and the seller to arrange any dismantling, loading and shipping arrangements for your machine(s). Shipping times may vary, depending on variables such as starting location and destination, machine dimensions and transport scheduling. We know time is of the essence, and we will work to accommodate your needs as best possible in your specified time frame.

Who will set up the loading/rigging of my machine?

Machine Tool Bids has a full-service logistics department to ensure a seamless process for all machinery transactions. Buyers and sellers also have the option to coordinate their own rigging as well as the option to request that Machine Tool Bids work with a specific rigging company. Buyers are responsible for a machine’s loading costs.

Does Machine Tool Bids work with rigging and freight companies that a buyer or seller recommends?

Machine Tool Bids will contact any rigging or freight companies recommended by a buyer or seller. Our goal is to load and ship the machine(s) at the lowest possible cost in the quickest time frame possible. Machine Tool Bids can present several options that would best meet the buyer’s needs.

Does Machine Tool Bids accommodate shipments to international locations?

Machine Tool Bids can accommodate shipping arrangements to most parts of the world. Please contact our logistics department for more details or questions about shipping to a specific location.

Who can I contact regarding logistics services?

Please contact Machine Tool Bids Accounting and Logistics Manager Mary Akhavan at or (312) 604-1850.


Is my information secure on operates on a safe, secure transactional network. Our secure network has standards in place to prevent malware and security breaches and any personal information, such as email addresses, are strictly confidential. We do not accept personal billing information through our website. Additionally, we do not share or sell any contact information, and use this information for our auction marketing purposes only, ensuring you can buy and sell with confidence using our services.

Can other bidders see my personal information?

Other bidders are not able to view your personal information. Your username, contact information, bidding activity, offers you make and any other information related to your personal account are kept private and secure, and are not available for public view.

What are the terms and conditions of buying machines through

Please view Machine Tool Bids’s full terms and conditions here.